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Trilogy Egg Products is now MFI Food Canada

Liquid, hard cooked and pre-cooked egg products for foodservice.

To align its brand portfolio and better serve all of its North American customers, MFI Food Canada, Ltd., a subsidiary of Michael Foods, Inc., is integrating the operations of the former Trilogy Egg Products and rebranding under the popular Papetti's® brand.

MFI Food Canada continues to offer a full line of liquid, hard cooked and pre-cooked egg products, now under the Papetti's brand, to provide value, convenience and consistency, along with increased food safety. All Papetti's products are made from real eggs and include only the freshest ingredients, so foodservice customers can be sure they're serving great tasting, high-quality products.

Liquid Egg Products

Extended Shelf Life (ESL) liquid eggs are real eggs with real advantages. Save time and labour, and achieve higher yield, versus shell eggs, while serving a safer product with real, high-quality taste.
Learn more about our Papetti's® Easy Eggs® and Frozen Ready® liquid egg products.

Pre-Cooked Egg Products

MFI Food Canada offers a complete line of egg products that go from refrigerator or freezer to plate in almost no time.
Learn more about our Papetti's® Table Ready® pre-cooked egg products.

Hard Cooked Egg Products

Fully cooked and ready to use, Papetti's Table Ready hard cooked eggs offer unmatched food safety, quality taste and convenience, as well as saving you valuable time and labour.
Learn more about our Papetti's Table Ready hard cooked egg products.

French Toast Products

Select from a full line of delicious Papetti's Table Ready French toast varieties. Our wholesome bread is battered in real egg - then baked, not fried - for a delicious menu option that delivers made-from-scratch taste.
Learn more about our Papetti's Table Ready French Toast products.

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